I am Awful At Meal Planning

I have this wonderful idea that every weekend before I go grocery shopping I will meal plan for the entire week and we will eat wholesome, home cooked meals in the dining room as a family, chatting about our day. It’s a delightful plan isn’t it? Yeah, it rarely works. But I keep trying. So let me try and plan for the next week……..

Now tomorrow is a total wash – we are taking Poppy and her friend to the Animal Kingdom in Maine and then having dinner with Isabella and her family. This leaves me Sunday, just Sunday to grocery shop and meal prep – and here is the thing Sunday is supposed to be gorgeous and to be honest we have the offer a beach day in Ipswich!

But to next week – what might I make? So we do a meat share with Walden Farms, and I have a freezer full of meat to be used up. I found a recipe for ragu that involves using a joint of beef and Italian sausage which sounds delightful and the fun part is I get to use my new baby to cook it! Yes! My hubby (and taste tester) came through for me and bought my a gorgeous Le Creuset dutch oven for the Big 5-0. (I am now looking to add the balti dish and the tangine – just for starters). The ragu could easily do for two meals – a basic spaghetti dish and a lasagna.

That is only 2 days….I do have a lonely packet of chicken breasts and one of chicken legs so maybe that same pot will conjure up a nice coq-au-vin (without the mushrooms because yuck….we all hate mushrooms…). I could serve this with mixed beans from the Salem Farmers Market.

I also really want to make this, and I do have fresh beets and an amazing goat cheese…


And I want to make this, although I would use the thinly sliced pork tenderloin that I have on hand, but getting Cayuga pinto beans might be a little tricky….

Pork lon with cayuga pinto beans, zucchini, squash and lima beans

Both of these recipes are from “Culinary History of the Finger Lakes by Laura Winter Falk.” This is an amazing book I snagged in the gift shop at the Museum of the Earth in Ithaca and I am excited to try the handful of recipes in this fascinating history of one of the most beautiful parts of America.

These 2 dishes alone get back to my original point – I suck at meal planning because I aim to high! I forget that I don’t get home until 5.30pm, and that these could result in us eating around 10pm, which to be honest ius way past my bedtime!

Watch this space, maybe I will pull it off…..