All Aboard the WABAC Machine

I started this blog to write about food in the year leading up to me 50th birthday, and it never really worked out. Life kept getting in the way and we truly had, to quote HRH Queen Elizabeth II, an ” annus horriblis. ” SO I spent the year focusing on the family and just trying to hold things together. I wasn’t easy, there were days where even a simple grilled cheese felt like an impossible task. A much needed mini trip to upstate New York to a friend’s farm helped and then a 2 week trip back to the UK over the Christmas holidays really went a long way to healing some of the residual wounds. And, so now I am starting again, and will try to keep this more updated and more food focused, starting with the rebrand to match my Instagram.

Now, please join  me in the WABAC machine….

I was always a picky eater. My mum likes to tell the story of how I would eat anything until at the tender age of two I got my first glasses. Once I could actually see it was game over, and mealtimes became a veritable minefield. My mum would cajole and threaten and hide foods in other foods. I was a stubborn and willful child and the more she threatened and cajoled the more I dug in my heels. I was seriously the kid who could pick the cauliflower out of mashed potatoes.

Leaving home was life changing, that meant I actually had to feed myself or starve, and since you can’t really life on PB&J (no matter what my own picky eater tells me) I had to learn to cook. Leaving home allowed me to experiment, and it allowed me to learn, and you know what? I realized I was actually a pretty good cook. I learned by trial and error, by under cooking, overcooking, under seasoning, over seasoning and even once by blowing up a Pyrex casserole dish. I went to library and borrowed recipe books, I watched all the recipe segments on television. I force fed my family and friends.

I went on to discover the small butchers and cheese mongers in a local market, and my palate continued to expand, and then in 1990 I discovered Master Chef. It was such a simple show when it first started, home cooks making a 3 course meal in 2 hours. I never missed an episode and I practiced and practiced and finally entered. I made it into the heats! I was so excited, but then I made the fatal mistake of requesting a schedule change at work. The person i asked to relay the message for me was called Gillian Wood, and well, Gillian hated me. She called me back so apologetic, so sad, but she had asked the ward sister and they could not possibly change my schedule, so devastated I pulled out. It was several months later when I was getting ready to leave that job to come tot he USA that I found out that Gillian had straight up lied, she had never asked a single soul. I am pleased to report that karma eventually bit her very hard in the backside.

Coming to US opened up even more opportunities for me, new flavors, new ingredients and new friends to experiment on. Living in Seattle afforded me membership in the $100 club at the Pike Place Market  for my weekly purchases of the freshest fish and seafood. Tucson afforded me homemade tortillas and oh so many spices. Louisiana taught me the simple joys of collard greens in bacon fat, the dish that truly proves that everything tastes better with bacon and finally moving to a major metropolitan area like Boston afforded me more food choices than I could ever imagine.

Of course the past 21 years I have had a partner in crime in the form of Robert, who has suffered through disasters and lived to tell the tale, and who has always been my most stalwart supporter. (Hell, he has even eaten 3 Thanksgiving dinners just to keep me happy.) This past year, he did 2 simple things to reignite my desire to cook, he bought me a dutch oven and introduced me to Phaidon and their line of incredible recipe books.

Now some 20 plus years later, I have no desire to enter the insanity of a reality TV show (not even GBBO) but I continue to cook, and have in recent years really upped my baking game. I want to show everyone that we all can cook, and really we all can bake. Baking is is more precise, whereas cooking a meal allows for a little more creativity.