7 Weeks Post Fifty

All of a sudden I am 45 weeks from 51 and really the past year didn’t quite work out as I had planned. It really became very chaotic and not a little traumatic. But as they say, onward and upwards. let’s try this again.

We just spent a long weekend in the Finger Lakes area of New York State. Just being out in the country helped rekindle my desire to focus on home cooking and family. We have just weathered a brutal year of health issues among other things, and for a while I wasn’t sure that we would survive as a family, but we are pulling together and working hard to make this work.

One of the things I really appreciated about our time at our friends’ farm was the simplicity. Now, I am not saying I want to run off and live on a farm (sorry Michelle), but I know we can transfer some of that simplicity to our everyday life in our small city.

What lies ahead? More time at the Farmer’s Market buying fresh fruit and vegetables, more meal planning and more baking. I dug out my copy of Make the Bread and Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese (check out her blog below)  as a motivation to try new things, and to rekindle my love of some old things.


Tomato sauce… I used to make homemade tomato sauce all the time and it was delicious, it also saved us a bunch of money. I used to make meatballs by hand, and homemade lasagna – and they were all also delicious and easy to freeze.

So what else could be on the menu? Peanut butter maybe, jam, pickles, maybe I will even get back to baking bread from time to time, according to Jennifer Reese even bagels are easy enough to make at home….Should I also try some cheese making? I do have a bacon making kit which could be an awful lot of fun!

I also want to get Poppy in the kitchen and more interested in what we are eating, in the hope that it might help with her pickiness. She is finally starting to show some interest in helping out. Poppy also has an idea about us making videos of our kitchen adventures, which I think is a spectacular idea, but given my inability to keep up with a written blog please don’t hold your breath for videos!

Oh – last thing….check out this lovely Finger Lakes vineyard! The Cheese Shop of Salem sells their dry reisling and it is delicious as is their chardonnay and rose pinot noir!